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Performance Bolt Ons

Upgrade your car or 4x4 to make it more powerful with one of the widest range of Bolt-on performance exhaust systems. All Auspac performance systems are manufactured using a Mandrel pipe bender, this ensures no compromise in the internal diameter of the piping. Auspac Mufflers are the best in the industry, give your car that extra throttle speed without over-burdening engine.



Ford Performance  (All Models)

FG Falcon - Sedan/ Wagon/ Ute

BA-BF Falcon - Sedan/Wagon/ Ute

EA-AU Falcon - Sedan/ Wagon/ Ute

Ford Territory


Holden Performance (All Models)

VE/VF Commodore

VZ Commodore

VY Commodore

VX Commddore

VT Commodore

VL-VS Commodore


4x4 Performance


Performance Exhaust Systems - Parts & Mufflers

Thinking seriously about adding more power and torque to your vehicle’s performance? Consider the benefits of an upgrade from one of the top-quality performance exhaust mufflers on the market. While the decision to upgrade should not be taken lightly, it’s important to note that there are many benefits of performance exhaust systems. Make sure you consider these before you splash out your hard-earned cash on performance exhaust parts! You want to know you have the right part for your machine.


With a new performance exhaust, you can release extra power from your engine. This is because you open a more efficient path through which the exhaust gases can escape. This allow your engine more ‘breathing room’, so to speak, which in turn allows your engine’s power to be better harnessed and used to drive your vehicle.


You’ll also notice that with improved performance exhaust systems, the vehicle’s exhaust note will be both louder and richer, more aggressive in attack. This kind of sound is not only available to high end sports cars!


Now you know some of the benefits, if you feel ready to opt-in, give us call to find out the right product for you!


Sports Exhaust

The sound and performance of a sport engine is highly sought after by motoring enthusiasts. But let’s face it, not everyone can afford a luxury, high-end sports vehicle!


The fact is, the sports exhaust sound can be achieved with some aftermarket fittings that will achieve at least three aims for your vehicle. They will improve the performance of your car, by making it more fuel efficient, extracting more from the motor’s normal running. It will also improve the performance in terms of torque and other qualities.  


You can have the sound of a sports exhaust without the expense! One of our top-quality sport exhaust systems can be just what you need to customise your vehicle to suit your driving style and expression. We also stock the bolt on exhaust kit, available for those DIY-enthusiasts who want to save themselves a trip to the mechanic. The bolt on exhaust kit is simple: you just bolt it on and away you go!


Why not call us today to find out what we can do for you? Ask us about our high flow exhaust system as well!


Dual Exhaust Kit

Heard of a dual exhaust kit? Not sure if it’s the right product for you? Just call on Auspac – we’ll think you’ll be more than convinced of the benefits of a dual exhaust kit! 


What is a dual exhaust kit?


Every vehicle must come designed and fitted with an exhaust system, essential for releasing the gasses released by combustion, and to ensure that the motor runs well and keeps cool. The exhaust system however is not an afterthought to smooth functioning of the vehicle. It’s essential for both the engine operation and vehicle performance.


A dual exhaust system essentially has two exhaust pipes that pump the gasses out of the engine. It also consists of a muffler to minimise loud noises. There is also a part called a ‘manifold’, intended to collect exhaust. The catalytic converter is installed to make sure the exhaust is less toxic.