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Check out the best 3" mufflers on the market. The choice of Exhaust shops. 

Ever had dreams of designing that perfect system yourself? find everything you need at Auspac Exhaust


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High Flow Muffler

Car enthusiasts have for a long time faced an unsatisfactory trade-off when customising their vehicle to maximise performance and personalise the driving experience. While quiet exhaust systems can be limiting, high-flowing systems can be unappealingly loud. Mechanics and drives have found it difficult to discover the happy middle ground.


However, with a high flow muffler from Auspac Exhaust, you have a product that can attain high performance for your turbocharged vehicle, without excessive noise. Our top-quality exhausts represent the best in new technology, greatly improved in recent years. These, days with a high flow muffler from Auspac exhaust, you can obtain the system that suits you!


Here at Auspac Exhaust, we understand the engineering dilemmas of high performance vehicles. That’s why we’ve endeavoured to offer a range of products, including a 3 performance muffler, that can reduce noise and maintain high performance. A rotary, for example, important in high performance vehicles, are often ear-bleedingly noisy. However, the more the custom job muffles the more power is lost.


We however have just the range of products you need to reduce noise!