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OEM Bolt Ons

Why is the quality your exhaust system so important?

The function of the exhaust system is to expell toxic & harmfull gases that are created during the combustion process when the engine converts fuel and air with spark. As you can imagine the pressure placed on the engine and its exit pipes, varries on how the engine is used & under what conditions its been kept in.

Any compromise in the exhaust system may result in the vehicle loosing power and fuel economy. In some cases exhaust leaks toward the front and middle sections of the vehicle have linked to carbon monoxide poisoning of passengers within the vehicle. Auspac Exhausts strongly encourages a check up at least once a year at your trusted exhaust, brakes & undercar care providers.

Some vehicles have common flaws in the manufactuers design of the exhaust system. This has resulted in common problems that reoccur even with late model vehicles. At Auspac Exhaust, we go back to the drawing board & redisign OEM Bolt-on’s to eliminate these common flaws. We offer the best quality OEM Bolt-on’s in the Australian market, from the quality of our Steel to the amount of fiber glass packing we use. Our Systems are the heaviest on the market, a symbol of the AUSPAC mark of quality.