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4x4 Performance

the best thing that ever happened to Turbo Diesels

Check out our 100% Mandrel bent ELIMINATOR PIPES availible on the latest turbo deisel 4X2 & 4X4 trays.

Increase responsiveness & turbo spool with an amazing sound!!!


All our eliminator pipes are designed & manufactured by the auspac R&D team

Numerous variations go into testing to come up with an optimal design.    


Muffler Eliminator Pipe

Dissatisfied with your vehicle’s performance? Hoping to give your vehicle a much-needed boost? You should consider the benefits of a muffler eliminator pipe.


A muffler eliminator pipe can replace pre-existing pipes, in order to improve the exhaust function. This will improve the performance of your whole exhaust system and, ultimately, your engine. Firstly, there is the benefit from a muffler eliminator pipe of improved exhaust tone. This means that if you exhaust pipe gives off a dull or overloud tone without any grunt, this might be just the product for you.


A muffler eliminator can also improve fuel efficiency and economy – it is amazing the savings you can reap from a relatively inexpensive installation! In fact, these pipes are both inexpensive and easy to install. A DIY motoring enthusiast could easily achieve this a bit of know-how and some guidance from online tutorials.


The muffler will silence the vehicle’s entire exhaust system. These mufflers are built into vehicles to diminish the noise generated by the powerful combustion engine, which pushes exhaust gases out of the system with considerable pressure. Vehicles are required by law to have mufflers to reduce noise. An eliminator pipe also improves the performance of the vehicle, as the waste from the engine can leave the engine more rapidly.


This is the beauty of Auspac’s product, the benefits are never singular!


To ensure you have the right product, give Auspac a call. You will need to ensure that the pipe is the right diameter, before fitting. 


Shop with confidence

each part is tri coated with HP-10 heavy duty exhaust paint

part comes complete with required gasket, nuts and bolts

all auspac exhaust eliminator are road legal & comply to Australian Emissions Standards