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Stainless Steel Mufflers

Auspac Exhaust only uses the highest-grade quality of stainless steel in our mufflers.


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Most people have heard the term ‘stainless steel’ and are aware that it is a sought-after steel for various applications. However, they mightn’t be aware how it gets its name and why it’s so desirable. Stainless steel is aptly named: the steel type contains ten percent or more of chromium, which is a metal that helps stainless steel resist rust and corrosion. It is also a low carbon steel.


With a stainless steel exhaust system, you’re getting the best quality, longevity of the product, and a higher performance than mild steel or aluminium mufflers. Stainless steel has a unique ability to resist the corrosions and rusting that can come with wet weather. The scarring and scratching of the metal due to wear and tear will heal itself. That’s right, this is the beauty of stainless steel mufflers and stainless steel exhaust. The chromium content creates an invisible chromium oxide film on the steel’s surface. When the damaged steel is exposed to oxygen, it thus heals itself.


Stainless Exhaust

A stainless steel exhaust will avoid the damage that can be sustained on the parts owing to the exhaust of corrosive gases. This means you can expect not only a better performance from your vehicle, but also longevity from your parts. Why settle for an inferior part when you can get the best?


The benefits of stainless steel exhaust will be obvious to the customer who purchases it. Mild steel, consisting of aluminium, will protect the exhaust until there are nicks and scratches, but after sustaining these, the metal can begin to corrode. Dirt and moisture that are native to the driving experience will enter the scratches and quickly worsen corrosion.


To avoid this, come to the best suppliers of stainless exhaust parts – Auspac Exhaust.