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Truck Mufflers

Upgrade your truck to make it more powerful & fuel efficient with Auspac truck muffler. Auspac truck Mufflers give that extra throttle speed you need for overtaking & hill climbs without over-burdening engine.


7" Round Universals

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There are many possible benefits from upgrading your truck muffler, especially if you’re running a diesel engine. The diesel engine has a bad reputation because of the inordinate levels of toxic emissions. These are bad for both air quality and the goal of reducing overall emissions. However, there are new filters which can reduce emissions by up to 25%. It can also greatly improve fuel economy – so it’s a win-win for both the cost of running and the environment.


Great improvements have swept into the industry with the improvement of truck exhaust systems and heavy duty mufflers. For one example, OEM components use a specialised weight reduction and streamlining techniques. This will improve overall efficiency. 

Truck Exhaust Systems & Parts

 High functioning truck exhaust systems are crucial for you to extract the best performance from your truck. When you bring your truck to the local mechanic, they can order the same replacement parts as were fitted, or you can request an inquiry into the best aftermarket truck exhausts.


It’s well know that a truck engine can run noisy, especially when overtaking on hills. While these are working vehicles, good aftermarket truck mufflers can reduce noise to make your driving experience more comfortable.


The idea of an upgraded truck muffler is that more back pressure in the vehicle can ensure that the engine runs above peak output. It’s important that you choose the right truck exhaust parts for your vehicle. For more information, why not give us a call? We can guide you to the right product! If you’ve found that your part is breaking down, we can replace it. Call today!