Performance Cat Back Systems

Give your Car, Ute, Wagon or 4x4 more power and better sound with one of the Performance Bolt-on exhaust systems.


With a new performance exhaust, you can release extra power from your engine. This is because you open a more efficient path through which the exhaust gases can escape, allowing your engine more ‘breathing room’, so to speak, which in turn allows your engine’s power to be better harnessed and used to drive your vehicle.

You’ll also notice that with improved performance exhaust systems, the vehicle’s exhaust note will be both louder and richer, more aggressive in attack. This kind of sound is not only available to high end sports cars!

All Auspac performance systems are manufactured using a Mandrel pipe bender, to ensures no compromise in the internal diameter of the piping and come with performance megaflow straight through mufflers


Ford Falcon/ FPV /Territory

Holden Commodore / HSV

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