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Top Quality Exhaust Systems

Auspac Exhaust offers standard and high performance exhaust systems including catback exhaust, turbo back exhaust as well as accessories such as gaskets, flanges, mandrel bends, flex bellows, tubing & silencers.


We also stock one of the largest ranges of universal mufflers, truck muflers , 4x4 performance bolt on's, tubing, gaskets, flanges, hangers, mandrel bends, exhaust paint & other accessories. For that custom job or for that one off part that you need, take advantage of free shipping and fast & friendly service.     


Auto Exhaust

Every car sold on the market contains an auto exhaust system, vital for releasing gasses produced by the operation of the engine. However, many cars sold on the market have a satisfactory car exhaust system, but not one that will maximise the performance of the vehicle as manufactured. The factory-fitted car exhaust is designed to suit a variety of different drivers in different places throughout the world market. These exhausts systems are often cost-effective as well, rather than maximising performance. With this is mind, it’s easy to see how fitting an aftermarket exhaust can improve your vehicle’s performance and also customise the car to suit your driving style.


Many vehicle owners and mechanics will collaborate to fit aftermarket exhaust systems so that the vehicle has more power and greatly improved performance. It’s true that turbocharging your vehicle while improve your vehicle’s performance more than anything else, a significant gain in horsepower can be achieved by reducing back pressure. Your vehicle needs back pressure to run, but if the pressure is too high, your engine’s performance will be curbed. Fitting aftermarket exhaust pipes can be a great way to achieve greater power.  


Car Exhaust System -Muffler, Components, Pipe & Parts

Here at Auspac, we have a range of car exhaust parts, including car exhaust components, pipe and parts.

We stock these parts for a range of different vehicle makes and models. It’s a known fact that the right choice of parts can greatly improve your driving experience.


Whether you’re driving a Ford, Holden, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Volkswagen, or other car models, we have something to help you. Each of these products has been produced according to the best principles of modern design. They represent they best of new technology – the design of car exhaust components, including the car exhaust muffler, have benefitted greatly from improved technology is recent years. 


We offer these products at very affordable prices. We don’t want your customisation job to remain a pipe dream – no pun intended! – we want to help you customise your vehicle to suit your driving style. Why settle for the second-rate factory settings? 


Aftermarket Exhaust Systems

Most auto enthusiasts will install an aftermarket exhaust system to improve performance, but they boast other benefits to your vehicle.


While this benefit is less well known, an aftermarket exhaust can improve fuel economy as well. By improving exhaust, new auto exhaust parts can ensure that your engine consumes less fuel to operate at the same efficiency. The aftermarket exhaust can also greatly improve noise in your engine system, if you opt for the right product. Why not call us today to find out what system is the best for you?


When looking for an aftermarket exhaust system, it’s important to note that there are three main types, the axle-back, cat-back, and header back. An axle-back fitting only changes the parts from the muffler to the rear axle. The cat-back system changes the stock exhaust system from the catalytic converter to the muffler. Finally, the header-back is the most comprehensive replacement. It will change over all stock components and replace them with after-market audiences.


Contact our sales staff or ask for our products at all good exhaust shops & garages.


Please Note:

Courier to ‘most’ of Australia. Regional Qld, Regional WA, NT and Tasmania may be extra, please contact us for a quote. We reserve the right to quote for freight differences. Contact will be made before order processed.




"Increased responsiveness & improved fuel economy, the original auspac eliminator pipe...
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