Types of Universal Mufflers

Types of Universal Mufflers

It can be very confusing to correctly choose the correct internals for universal mufflers. This guide is designed to give a helping hard.

Auspac Mufflers use the highest quality steel wool packing to give the best possible outcome.

In order of loudest to quietest

Straight Through/ Mega Flow : 

Design to give maximum flow and horsepower. These are the least restrictive and are popular for anyone looking to get the most out of your engine.



Chambered/ Straight Through Chambered

These mufflers are similar to Mega flow but have a chamber within the muffler. They reduce engine noise and normally give a "throaty" performance sound on the street. 


Triple Flow/ Turbo

More restrictive than the straight-through design but still allowing good flow through the muffler via a "S" pattern within the muffler



The quietest of the muffler internal designs. These have a series of baffles within the muffler to reduce as much noise as possible.



While the type of muffler impacts the overall noise reduction, so does the size of the muffler. A larger muffler will silence the exhaust more than a smaller one. It comes down to available space and the desired outcome,


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